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Sendfile does not work on Live CDs

less than 1 minute read

Kent Spillner and I were trying to set up an Ubuntu Live CD with a full rails stack running our current project. We were seeing weird issues with nginx, such...

Announcing new plugin: rake_commit_tasks

less than 1 minute read

The last few projects I’ve been on have had a “rake commit” task for checking in. This is documented at Jay’s blog: Ruby: rake commit

Announcing pulse-0.3.0

less than 1 minute read

I just released a new version of pulse. Pulse adds an action to your rails project that can be used for external health checking. The most common use is by a...

The state of Flex development

2 minute read

I’m currently working on a project which has a Flex front-end talking to a ruby on rails back-end. Someone recently asked me what I thought of Flex, and my r...

Factory pattern with syntactic sugar

1 minute read

Dan Manges has a nice write-up on why the factory pattern is better than Rails fixtures: Rails: Fixin’ Fixtures with Factory. The factory is used to create v...