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Loading rails sessions manually

1 minute read

On my current project, we wanted to write some code to load a specific user’s session data (not the current user). This turned out to be a little trickier th...

Popup when leaving website

2 minute read

On my current project, we had a requirement to pop up a message to the user when they leave our site (e.g., close the browser window). We discovered a number...

Remove files that are not in subversion

less than 1 minute read

One of the great features of version control is that I can easily revert back to a known good state. I can do this in Subversion with the following command:

Command line clipboard access

less than 1 minute read

It is possible to control the clipboard (copy and paste) from the command line in linux and OSX. In linux, the command is xsel, and in OSX, pbcopy/pbpaste.